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My Tools & Consumables

Here you can find a list of tools and consumables that we use as seen on our YouTube channel along with links as to where to buy them. 

Battery Operated Tools

Trend Palm Router

Trend Impact Driver

Trend Biscuit Jointer

Trend Circular Saw

Record power DX1000

Record power AC400 2 stage air cleaner

Dewalt Table Saw

Festool Domino DF500

Lumberjack 12inch Bandsaw

Belt and Disk Sander

Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro

K5 Master System

Stanley Chisel Set

Trend Sharpening Set

Spear and Jackson Tenon Saw

Wheel Marking Guage

Mortise Marking Guage

Engineering Square

Combination Square 6inch

Combination Square 12inch

PVA Wood Glue 502

5 Min Epoxy Resin

Purple Trend Sandpaper

25mm Pocket Hole Screw

32mm Pocket Hole Screws

50mm Pocket Hole Screws

Boiled Linseed Oil

Fiddes Rugger Brown

Morrels Black Dye

Morrels Jacobean Dye

Morrels Walnut Dye

Bessey Squeeze Clamps

Bessey Parrallel Clamp

Centre Finding Drill Bits

Stubby Screw Driver Set

Right Angle Attchment

Shop Vacs



Pocket Hole Jigs

Hand Tools

Marking Out



Helpful Accesories

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